Engenho e determinação!

Os acontecimentos mais marcantes de 2014 foram recordados pelo European Bluegrass Blog. É com muito orgulho que lá encontrámos referenciada a participação do nosso banjista André Dal no Banjo 8 Event. Aqui fica um excerto do artigo.

imageThe two most notable workshops, in my opinion, were by The Kruger Brothers and by Andre Dal of Stonebones & Bad Spaghetti. (…) Andre Dal’s workshop was a fascinating view into a musician’s skill and determination. (…) He appeared unfazed and, in modest fashion, then described how he overcame a physical problem with his hand which threatened his ability to play banjo. (…) Andre contracted a condition which put his hand into a clawed position which severely impacted his ability to play his 5-string and could have brought his playing days to a premature end had it not been for his remarkable determination to continue playing Bluegrass and ingenuity in (literally) engineering a solution. While many might have been beaten, Andre built a glove/brace which put his hand into a position where he could access the strings of his banjo and then re-learn his playing technique to compensate for the loss of function in his hand – the result: spectacular. The description of his refusal to stop playing and to find a unique solution was inspiring and Andre’s playing?.. in the true sense of the word, triumphant.

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About stonebonesandbadspaghetti

Os Stonebones & Bad Spaghetti nasceram da paixão pela música improvisada, vibrante e contagiante do Bluegrass. São a única banda de Bluegrass portuguesa (até provas em contrário)
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